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Oldfield Park and Bloomfield

Map 3C
HE2105, 250Kg, Lower Bristol Road
HE2004, Peter Street
4034, New Orchard Street
HE1021, 1000Kg, Lower Bristol Road
4031, St James Parade
4066, Victoria Road
4065, Brougham Hayes
HE1022, 1000Kg, Lower Bristol Road
HE1062, 50Kg, Brougham Hayes
HE2010, 250Kg, Lower Bristol Road
4029, Lower Bristol Road
4032, St James Parade
HE1024, 1000Kg, Victoria Road
HE2104, 500Kg, Westmoreland Street
HE1063, 50Kg, Brougham Hayes
He1025, 50Kg, Victoria Road
HE2009, 250Kg, Lower Bristol Road
HE2107, 50Kg, Cheltenham Street
4028, Lower Bristol Road
HE1033, 1000Kg, Milk Street
HE1064, 50Kg, Brougham Hayes
HE1184, 250Kg, Cheltenham Street
HE1183, 250Kg, Cheltenham Street
HE1028, 50Kg, Stanley Road West
HE1026, 50Kg, Stanley Road West
HE1031, 500Kg, Somerset Street
HE1080, 500Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1079, 50Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE2106, 250Kg, Cheltenham Street
HE1027, 50Kg, Stanley Road West
HE1244, 50Kg, Crandale Road
4064, Westmoreland Station Road
HE2108, 500Kg, Westmoreland Station Road
HE1065, 500Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1032, UXB, Old Bridge
4025, Oak Street
HE1077, 250Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1029, Moorland Road
HE1051, 250kg, Triangle West
4063, Livingstone Road
HE1074, 500Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1073, 50Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE2145, 50Kg, Wells Road
HE1066, 500Kg, Junction Road
HE2062, 500Kg, Wells Road
HE1050, UXB, Triangle East
HE1076, 500Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1186, 50Kg, Thornbank Place
HE1200, 50Kg, Thornbank Place
HE1075, 500Kg, Lower Oldfield Park
HE1082, 50kg, South Avenue
4026, Wells Road
4027, Wells Road
HE2061, 250Kg, Wells Road
HE2147, 250Kg, Wells Road
1201, Holloway
HE1168, 250Kg, Third Avenue
HE1078, 250Kg, Cedar Walk
HE2109, 250Kg, Holloway
HE1171, UXB, Wells Road
HE1173, 50Kg, Magdalene Avenue
HE2141, 50Kg, Holloway
HE1236, 50Kg, Third Avenue
HE2026, UXB, Cedar Walk
4023, Holloway
HE1172, 50Kg, Wells Road
HE1049, UXB, Maybrick Road
4024, Holloway
HE1169, 250Kg, Wells Road
HE1180, 500Kg, Holloway
HE2029, 50Kg, Cedar Walk
HE2116, 250Kg, Hayesfield Park
HE2115, 50Kg, Hayesfield Park
HE1067, 250Kg, Junction Road
HE1202, 250Kg, Calton Road
HE1170, 50Kg, Haysfield Park
HE2114, 250Kg, Haysfield Park
HE2028, 50Kg, Upper Oldfield Park
HE2112, 50Kg, Holloway
HE1070, 250Kg, King Edward Road
HE1203, 250Kg, Holloway
HE2113, 50Kg, Holloway
HE2110, 250Kg, Holloway
HE2111, 50Kg, Holloway
HE1071, 250Kg, King Edward Road
HE1181, 250Kg, Beechen Cliff Place
HE1068, 250Kg, King Edward Road
HE1242, UXB, Oldfield Road
HE2027, 50Kg, Upper Oldfield Park
HE1243, UXB, Oldfield Road
HE2118, 250Kg, Byron Road
HE1204, 50Kg, Haysfield Park
HE2117, 500Kg, Beechencliffe Road
HE1174, 50Kg, Wells Way
4085, UXB, Wellsway
HE1207, 50Kg, Wells Way
HE1069, 500Kg, Second Avenue
HE1233, 500Kg, Oldfield Road
HE1205, 250Kg, Wells Way
HE1084, 250kg, Monksdale Road
HE1175, 250Kg, Wells Way
4022, Wells Road
HE1085, 250Kg, Monksdale Road
HE1232, 250Kg, Monksdale Road
HE1072, 250Kg, Monksdale Road
HE2119, 1000Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2120, 500Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2146, 250Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2121, 250Kg, Kipling Avenue
HE1235, 250Kg, Bloomfield Avenue
HE1234, 250Kg, Bloomfield Avenue
HE1211, 250Kg, Milton Avenue
HE1215, 250Kg, Kipling Avenue
HE1212, 250Kg, Milton Avenue
4062, Monksdale Road
HE1086, 250Kg, Monksdale Road
4061, Monksdale Road
4060, Monksdale Road
4021, Egerton Road
HE1213, 250Kg, Bloomfield Road
HE1214, 1000Kg, Devonshire Buildings
HE2030, 50Kg, Englishcombe Lane
4059, Englishcombe Lane
HE1218, 500Kg, Springfield Farm
HE1210, 500Kg, Wells Way
HE1217, 250Kg, Springfield Farm
HE1216, 500Kg, Springfield Farm
HE1164, 250kg, Bloomfield Drive
4057, Bloomfield Drive
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