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The following links deal with WWII but not always Bath.

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Those who died in Bath

John Penny, a local historian and author, collated a list of those who died during the Bath Blitz from the wartime records and presented a printed copy to the project for its exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bath blitz.  The link is to his web page where he published the list.
Note that his list has a few omissions and spelling errors.  The corrected list that was used for the memorial can be found here.

Roll of Honour

Another attempt to create a list of those who died.  This one is by Terry Morgan who has tried to collate in surname order the ordinary civilians and those who were classed as Civil Defence and appeared on the Service Personnel memorial.

Postal Museum Logo

As well as catering for school visits, the Bath Postal Museum provides loan material for schools, and the Project has donated some CD-ROMs of its School Pack material to the museum for inclusion in its WW2 Loan Boxes, and a printed copy.  Click on their logo or here and then click on the "school resources" link for more information.

Webring Logo

This site is a member of this WebRing.

Webrings are groups of web sites with something in common, where each member site carries a link to some other sites in the ring. This site has joined the "World War II Analysed" webring.  Our entry is difficult to find from the link provided on the WebRing link in the left column;  it is among .these entries.

The Bristol Blitz Page 1
The Bristol Blitz Page 2

A hobby site devoted to Bristol, includes two pages about the Bristol Blitz.  Page 1 covers what happened and when, whilst Page 2 is mostly the people's memories.

Chippenham War Memorials

Chippenham has 6 War Memorials.  The link is to a site that describes them all, and identifies those whose names were omitted from them.

Coleshill Logo

This site is researched and published by the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART), which provides an internal network for serious and dedicated researchers who focus on the British Resistance.  Originally linked on this list as  Coleshill House, a location which was used during WW2 to train more than 5,000 of the general public and Home Guard in sabotage and guerrilla warfare techniques, we are happy to update the link with the latest name.  New

One of our Memories includes training at Coleshill House.

Home Front logo

The Home Sweet Homefront site gives the background about what life was like for those not in the Services during the war.  What of those left behind?  Those civilians of the home front left to face their own hardships and the ever changing times.  How did they cope with the restrictions of rationing?  How did they come to terms with the frightening reality of air raid bombings?  How did British women overcome male disdain and evolve from their recognised role of home makers to that of the working women of the 'Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WVS)', munitions factories, the 'Women's Land Army (WLA)' and the such like?  Click on the picture to find out.

1940s logo

1940 is a British web site that looks at memorabilia from the 1940s, and what has been published since that gives an insight into the 1940s.  The "History" section is particularly interesting.

Imperial War Museum logo

The Imperial War Museum has a much wider scope than WW II, but there is some WW II material on-line, and indexes to other museums and other archive material.  Their site carries a link to this site.

War Memorials logo

The UK National Inventory of War Memorials was a registered charity that maintained a national database of War Memorials.  It has now been superseded by the Imperial War Museum's "War Memorials Register", a searchable database.

BBC logo

The British Broadcasting Corporation web site includes this section on WW II, which covers a considerable number of topics.  They have now added a section called The People's War which collects together wartime memories.

Squirrel logo

The Squirrel in the attic is technically a blog site, but the contents are scans of old wartime (and a few earlier) papers found in the site owner's relative's attic.  If you click on any view of a scanned page, you get a larger (and readable) version.  A lot of the content relates to Manchester, but there are some papers that originated from Government Ministries (Civil Defence; MOI and MHS), and copies of these papers would have also been sent to Bath.

Fishponds Local History Society logo

The original link was to the Fishponds Local History Society which closed in 2016 but their website has been left online.  It now forms part of a group of links under the name Bristol Past.

WW2 Memories Project logo

The World War Two Memories Project seeks to capture personal memories of the war, for future use by schools and researchers (an aim very like our own, but they have a wider range of dates and locations).  They have put this site on their Links page, and I am returning the favour.

WW2 Memories Project logo

For those interested in finding out more about the Auxiliary Units, Parnham Museum is the place to visit. Click on the badge for their website about it.

Also, there is an on-line newsletter if you sign up for it.

Bath In Time logo

Bath in Time is a private initiative working in partnership with Bath Library, that was created to help promote the public and private collections containing historic images of Bath and the surrounding villages.  There are a few wartime pictures on the site already and the Project is co-operating in extending that collection, so look back from time to time.  High quality copies of Bath In Time's images are now available to order online in multiple sizes and formats. New

Ancient photo

The Family Researcher website is primarily about researching family history.  However Jane Hewitt, who runs the site has included a lot of information about the bombing of Coventry and some useful links to other WW II history sites, including this one.
The website works best if JavaScript is enabled.  Not all the menu items appear if scripts are disabled.

World War II, web site award, a site providing links to many other WW II history sites.  The Bath Blitz Memorial Project website is listed under "Memorial Sites" but they are not accepting further Webring applications, so this site can't join.

Encyclopaedia logo

The Wikipedia web site (a free on-line encyclopedia) has an article on the baedeker raids, which includes a cross reference to this web site.  The encyclopedia can be used to look up any other subject too.


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