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No matter how valuable a web site is, if nobody knows it is there, it is not very useful.
Several organisations will add web sites to search databases in exchange for an advertisement.
Below are the service providers who have agreed to register this site under those terms.

Apart from the ICRA link which serves a special function, any of the other search engines can be used to seek out information from the internet

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ICRA is the Internet Content Rating Association. It is a register for sites that wish to record details for parental controls to consider. Follow the link to find out more. This web site is on their register, logged as an educational resource.

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This site is lodged with search engines through the Add Me! service.


This site is lodged with the SpotJockey Web Search Service, which improves the visibility of this site depending on how many people have clicked on the button on the left. So please click the button on every visit. (You don't have to make a search to count).

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This site is lodged with the SearchHippo Web Search Service.

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This site is lodged with the UKINDEX Web Search Service.


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