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Widcombe and Perrymead

Map 3D
HE2019, 250Kg, South Parade
HE2020, 500Kg, Henry Street
HE2004, Peter Street
4034, New Orchard Street
HE1256, 250Kg, Lime Grove
4031, St James Parade
HE0002, Broadway
4032, St James Parade
HE2022, 250Kg, Manvers Street
HE0003, Excelsior Street
HE0006, Archway Street
HE1030, 500Kg, Southgate Street
HE0004, Excelsior Street
HE2025, 250Kg, Manvers Street
HE1031, 500Kg, Somerset Street
HE2023, 500Kg, Manvers Street
HE0005, Princes Buildings
HE2024, 500Kg, Manvers Street
HE2053, 250Kg, Manvers Street
HE1032, UXB, Old Bridge
HE2145, 50Kg, Wells Road
HE2147, 250Kg, Wells Road
1201, Holloway
HE2109, 250Kg, Holloway
4023, Holloway
4024, Holloway
HE1202, 250Kg, Calton Road
HE2118, 250Kg, Byron Road
HE2047, 250Kg, Prior Park Road
HE2048, 250Kg, Prior Park Road
HE2119, 1000Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2120, 500Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2146, 250Kg, Shakespeare Avenue
HE2128, 1800Kg, Greenway Lane
HE1211, 250Kg, Milton Avenue
HE1215, 250Kg, Kipling Avenue
4018, Greenway Lane
4020, Greenway Lane
4019, Greenway Lane
HE1132, 250Kg, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1133, 250Kg, Ralph Allens Drive
4009, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1218, 500Kg, Springfield Farm
HE2129, 250Kg, Springfield Farm
HE1130, 500Kg, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1129, 250Kg, Ralph Allens Drive
4084, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1217, 250Kg, Springfield Farm
HE1127, 500Kg, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1131, UXB, Ralph Allens Drive
HE1216, 500Kg, Springfield Farm
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