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Southdown and Sladebrook

Map 3B
HE0043, High Street Twerton
I0029, High Street Twerton
HE1094, UXB, Albany Road
HE0042, High Street Twerton
4081, Ringwood Road
HE1093, 250kg, High Street Twerton
4082, King Georges Road
HE1238, 500kg, Lansdown View
HE1239, 1000kg, Lansdown View
HE1240, 500kg, King Georges Road
HE1091, 500kg, High Street Twerton
HE1092, 250kg, High Street Twerton
HE1245, 50kg, Millmead Road
HE1051, 250kg, Triangle West
HE1089, 1000kg, Springfield Close
HE1050, UXB, Triangle East
HE1090, 500kg, Innox Road
HE1154, 500kg, Kelston View
HE1082, 50kg, South Avenue
HE1153, UXB, Kelston View
HE1155, 50kg, Kelston View
HE1049, UXB, Maybrick Road
HE1156, 50kg, Kelston View
HE0016, The Hollow
HE2031, 500kg, The Hollow
HE1157, 250kg, East Close
HE1084, 250kg, Monksdale Road
HE1088, 500kg, Ivy Grove
HE1083, 1000kg, Coronation Avenue
HE1087, 500kg, Ivy Grove
4072, Ivy Avenue
4078, Haycombe Drive
HE1158, UXB, Mount Road
HE1102, 50kg, The Hollow
HE1103, 50kg, The Hollow
HE1101, 50kg, The Hollow
HE1099, 250kg, Roundhill Park
HE1241, 250kg, Roundhill Park
HE1098, 250kg, Roundhill Park
HE1160, 250kg, Glebe Road
HE1159, 250kg, Oriel Grove
HE1100, 250kg, Roundhill Park
HE1161, 250kg, Melrose Grove
HE1223, 250kg, Englishcombe Lane
HE0039, Whiteway Road
HE0038, Whiteway Road
4057, Bloomfield Drive
HE1164, 250kg, Bloomfield Drive
HE1162, UXB, Bloomfield Drive
HE1163, 250Kg, Bloomfield Drive
4058, Bloomfield Drive
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