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Fishers Court

Fishers Court is on Map 3d, but is not shown on the map. Fishers Court is off Widcombe Parade (alongside Number 9), which is a named terrace that forms part of the south side of Claverton Street.

In the City Engineer's report, there were 6 addresses (Numbers 1 to 3 and 10 to 12) listed as both Fishers Court and Fishes Court, with identical details, so I have assumed that the second is just a misspelled duplicate of the first. Fishers Court itself proved rather elusive, having been omitted from most street directories, but I found it eventually in Kelly's Directory of 1937. It contains only three addresses. The City Engineer has omitted addresses 10 to 12 from his list of addresses in Widcombe Parade. Bearing in mind that Fishers Court is alongside Number 9 Widcombe Parade, it appears that Numbers 10 to 12 were wrongly treated as part of Fishers Court rather than Widcombe Parade and I have corrected that.
There is no Fishers Court today. But finding its location today is still problematical: one entrance to the Ring of Bells looks as though it could have led to a court (it makes an angled entrance to the bar); and there are old two storey buildings, just visible in the courtyard behind the shop at Number 8, which join the back wall of the Widcombe Parade premises at right angles and might perhaps have been Fishers Court; and there is new stonework alongside the door now labelled 8a and 8b which could perhaps have been the original entrance bricked up. All I can say for certain at the moment is that Fishers Court was somewhere between Bartletts Court and the Ring of Bells.

Number  Name Type Damage Level Surveyor's Comments
1   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
2   Dwelling House Broken Windows  
3   Dwelling House Broken Windows  

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