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Map 1B
4080, Penn Hill Road
4077, Weston Road
HE1225, 500kg, Weston Park
HE2136, 500kg, Weston Park
HE1224, 250kg, Weston Park
HE2134, Weston Road
HE1119, 500kg, Combe Park
HE1124 ,500kg, Combe Park
HE1120, 500kg, Combe Park
HE1116, 500kg, Combe Park
HE1121, 500kg, Combe Park
HE1122, 500kg, Combe Park
HE2038, 250kg, Weston Road
I0021, Oil Incendiary, Newbridge Road
HE0015, Weston Park
HE0014, Weston Park
HE0012, Weston Park
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