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Bath - A World Heritage Site



Wondrous is this masonry shattered by the fates the buildings raised by giants are crumbling
(7th Century Saxon chronicler describing Aquae Sulis)

A formal Constitution is not yet discussed and agreed, because the ultimate aims of the Watchdog are still being discussed.  However, the current aims are universally accepted. Whatever the final form of the Constitution it will include these aims.

The aims of the Group shall be:

See the News page for details of how these aims are being put into action

Origin of the Watchdog

The Bath Heritage Watchdog began at a public meeting on 14th November 2006, where it became clear that there was considerable support for an organisation that would fight to preserve notable buildings and structures at risk, and to oppose inappropriate developments that might put Bath's World Heritage status at risk. Given the encouragement from that meeting, it was decided to set up a formal organisation.

However, the first priority at that time, ahead of the formalities of setting up the organisation, was to attempt to save Churchill House from demolition.  The main activists operated under the name "Save Churchill House" because there was not time to get the main organisation set up. Thus Bath Heritage Watchdog incorporates Save Churchill House.

Once the fight for Churchill House was over, a group of Founder Members set up a Committee and arranged meetings to identify and prioritise the tasks ahead

The start-up meeting was held on 11th June 2007 in the "King of Wessex", and weekly meetings (at 6:30 on Monday evenings) have been held in the more convenient location; initially in the function room of "The Belvoir Castle", and later in the rear bar of the Royal Oak.