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The Save Churchill House campaign collected a fighting fund that was sufficient to pay for all the newspaper advertisements and the banners associated with the demonstrations, and all the stationery and printing costs of the thousands of leaflets that were put through letterboxes ahead of the local elections.

After all these bills were paid, there was a small sum left over, which has paid for this website for one year, has paid for the stationery costs associated with trying (unsuccessfully) to get the Bath Press building listed, and other printing and postage costs.

The people involved with the Watchdog are all unpaid volunteers, who do not claim personal expenses. But they cannot meet all the running costs of a campaigning pressure group facing an annual bill for the website and for our Post Office Box address. So the continued effectiveness of the Bath Heritage Watchdog will depend on raising additional funds.

If you like what we do and want us to continue doing it, if you would like this website to continue after the current paid-for year, please consider making a donation.

How to Donate

Electronic Funds Transfer

We originally opted to reuse the Save Churchill House account rather than set up another with the Watchdog's name on it, because it was quicker, easier, and some of our supporters already had a note of the account details.  But the we decided that Watchdog had been in existence long enough to use its own name on cheques in future.

  1. Obtain an Account Credit slip from your bank. Do not use the ones in the back of your cheque book (which credit your own account). It must be the general purpose slip available in branches
  2. Fill in the account details provided, and the amount
  3. Pass the slip and pass the amount in cash or by cheque over the counter.

Account Details

If you want to donate, please e-mail us for information.

The account is in the Lloyds bank in Milsom Street, but you can pay in using an Account Credit slip through your own bank or any branch of Lloyds following the instructions above.

On-line Banking

The account details above can be used for transfers via on-line banking.

By Post

We can accept cheques (please do not send cash) through the post to our address:

 Bath Heritage Watchdog
 8 Junction Avenue
 Bath  BA2 3NJ
We check the mailbox regularly

No amount is too small.  Remember that every little helps.