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Planning Enforcements

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From Bath Shopfronts Guide:

ColourNo other single aspect of design has so much effect on the character of a shopfront than its colour.  A good design can be completely spoilt by poor colour, or a nondescript design uplifted by the right choice of colour.  Colour also has an effect on the Street Scene;  out of key or aggressive colour will be damaging to everything within the field of vision.

SignsThe design and disposition of signs and the style of the lettering should always be historically credible and correct in design and detail for the design of the shopfront.

IlluminationThe character of a shopfront and of the street will be altered by external illumination.  This is often not acceptable, particularly where the shopfront is part of a listed building.

AppearanceChanges of a radical nature such as moving door positions are not normally acceptable.  These may however be viewed more favourably if they can be shown to produce a permanent benefit such as the provision of a door to the upper floors.

Council's Enforcements Policy

The new policy on enforcements:
If an enforcement case is pending and a retrospective planning application is raised, the enforcement case will be closed when the planning application is registered.  If the planning application is permitted, then that is the end of the matter.  If the planning application is refused, in future that refusal will automatically create a new enforcement case.


Enforcements are difficult to track because although most reported incidents are given Case Numbers, these cases are not viewable on-line and the only way that progress and outcome can be known is if Enforcement Officers communicate with those who report potential infringements.

As a result of staff turnover which would require cases to be reallocated to a different officer who was not notified to us, and (we suspect) some cases may have been resolved but the outcome not then communicated with us, we have been left with a set of past reports which may or not still be live, but which we have lost track of.  We have therefore decided to archive our old enforcements page and start this new one, having created a reporting template so that it isn't necessary to show photographs and explanations on the web page as we did previously, merely give a link to a document, as we do for planning application comments.  As time permits we will revisit the old cases and see if they appear to be still live.

Ideally we would like to see enforcement cases made visible on-line, if only at the overview level of showing address, enforcement case number and status (Under investigation;  Resolution agreed;  Closed) as the minimum information shown, but we appreciate that new planning facilities will not be a priority for the council's limited manpower.  Nevertheless we would like to see it added to a "To Do" list to improve public visibility now that on-line records are the only public reference available.

Meanwhile, the table below gives a summary in address sequence of those we have recently raised in the new format, and we will maintain it in that form from now on.  Clicking on the Location entry will show Watchdog's report in the second window.  Clicking on the Case No entry will show the most recent communication we have received.


Watchdog Reported Enforcements

Location Reason Case No Status
"Hands Georgian Tearoom",
1 Abbey Street
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Bellissima Italia",
4A Argyle Street
Illuminated signs saying PASTA PIZZA in black with lighting (18 July 2017) 17/00259/LBWORK Owner should have removed the signage by 9 August.  No compliance yet.
"Antica Restaurant",
5 Argyle Street
New plastic fascia & repainting frontage (18 July 2017) 17/00260/LBWORK Owner advised to remove unauthorised signage and to submit a planning application for a more suitable sign by mid September.
12 Argyle Street
Unauthorised repainting, blind, sign, lighting and menu box (28 August 2013) 14/00085/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
15 Argyle Street
Unauthorised signage, menu board, barriers, carpet & menu stand (16 July 2017) 17/00425/ADVERT
(Signs)  This should be LBWORK.
Awaiting Investigation. The associated case (17.00424/UNAUTH) for pavement additions is resolved and has been moved to the "Completed" section of this page.
"Brigits Bakery",
17 Argyle Street
Installation of vivid pink umbrellas on the terrace to the side of Pulteney Bridge (5 August 2017) 17/00465/UNAUTH Awaiting Investigation
8 Bridge Street
Unauthorised repainting of shopfront and signage (28 August 2013) 14/00084/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Kiss The Frog Again",
5 Broad Street
Refused regularisation application, thus Unauthorised Shopfront and signage (29 July 2013)   Awaiting Case No
"French Grey",
1 Burton Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00149/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Active Health; Nuffield Health; Belgrave",
17 Charles Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00159/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Property Link",
30 Charles Street
Unauthorised signage (5 August 2013) 13/00419/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Burger King",
4 Cheap Street
Unauthorised signage and repainting of shopfronts (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Bath Aqua Glass",
14 Cheap Street
Unauthorised repainting of shopfronts and signage (15 July 2013) 13/00360/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
20-21 Cheap Street
Unauthorised Signage & Fascia (17 February 2014) 13/00024/ADVERT (Already extant) Awaiting Investigation
"Charlotte Brunswick Chocolates",
3 Church Street
Unauthorised repainting of shopfront and signage (28 August 2013) 14/00086/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Charlotte Brunswick Chocolates",
3 Church Street
Unauthorised sign and oversized A-Board (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Ora Et Labora",
3 Church Street
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
5 George Street
Unauthorised projected signage (20 January 2019) 19/00058/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Various businesses",
Green Park Station
Unauthorised, Inappropriate & Excessive Signage, Construction of Pods, Installation of Lights, Possible Installation of Drainage (5 February 2014) 14/00172/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Resolution Records",
Green Park Station
Unauthorised signage (6 April 2017) + new photo (16 July 2017) 17/00194/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Self Publishing Partnership",
Green Park Station
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Various businesses",
Green Park Station
Unauthorised Hut, Sheds and Signage (24 March 2016) 16/00303/UNDEV
This should have been in the LBWORK series.  The Case Officer has been informed.
Awaiting Investigation
"Tasting Room",
6 Green Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00174/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
23-24 High Street
Installation of refused signage (17 February 2014) 13/00409/ADVERT (Already extant) Awaiting Investigation
1-3 James Street West
Unauthorised signage to Grade II listed building (26 August 2017). Further sign notified (30 August 2017)

The Planning Case Officer reported the installation of a wrong front door to Enforcement.
This should be LBWORK.

17/00218/LBWORK covers the wrong front door.
15 Nov 2107: The offending advertising sign has been removed and Nisbits raised planning applications 17/04520/LBA and 17/04523/AR, both approved.
The Council's Property Services are dealing with the front door.
"The Bath Coffee Company",
14 Kingsmead Square
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Jazz Cafe",
1 Kingsmead Street
Non-compliance with condition (5 August 2013) 13/00416/NONCOM Awaiting Investigation
Lower Bristol Road
Unauthorised signage dismissed on Appeal (5 March 2018)   Awaiting Case No
"Twerton Station",
Lower Bristol Road
Unauthorised work in the curtilage and to some windows (28 February 2016) 16/00196/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Oldfield Park Junior School",
Lymore Terrace
Unauthorised signage to Grade II listed building (10 September 2018)   Awaiting Case No
1 Milsom Street
Unauthorised work and signage (23 July 2014) 14/00689/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Savannah Home",
25 Milsom Street
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Mimi Noor",
23 New Bond Street
Unauthorised Repainting of Shopfront (29 July 2013)   Awaiting Case No
4 North Parade
Unauthorised signs to building and railings (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
4 Northumberland Buildings
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00147/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
16 Northumberland Place
Unauthorised repainting shopfront to gold and change of use from retail shop to hairdressers (7 September 2017)   Awaiting Case No
8 - 10 Old Bond Street
Unauthorised large graphic (23 July 2013) 13/00377/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
8 - 10 Old Bond Street
Unauthorised large graphics (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Cake Cafe",
2 Quiet Street
Unauthorised physical additions to shopfront and unauthorised signage in an inappropriate colour scheme and unauthorised pavement clutter (15 November 2016)
The awning was refused permission.  No action appears to have been taken yet on the strident colour or the pavement clutter.
16/00684/LBWORK 17/00177/LBA applied for permission for the awning, and was refused. Enforcement then pursued its removal.
Update: 20th October 2017 Enforcement confirm that the awning had been removed.  No action yet on remaining parts of the complaint.
"The Golden Cot",
10 St James Parade
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00161/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"The Hobgoblin",
47 St James Parade
Unauthorised repainting external stonework charcoal/black (7 September 2017) 17/00514/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Roman Candles",
5 Terrace Walk
Non-compliance with Listed Building Consent condition (18 July 2013)   Awaiting Case No
"Tealith Bubble Tea",
20 Union Passage
Unauthorised repainting of building, unauthorised signage & change of use from retail to cafe (7 September 2017) Not expedient to enforce at this time (See Status entry) Enforcement report that the owners are currently in open dialogue with the Development Management Team which includes the matters we reported.
"Golden Cot",
22-24 Union Passage
Unauthorised repainting of shopfront and signage (28 August 2013) 14/00087/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
18 Union Street
Unauthorised work & signage (15 May 2014) 14/00498/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"Take Charge Bikes",
1 Victoria Buildings
Unauthorised bike racks (1 November 2017)   Awaiting Case No
"Burgers & Barrels",
2 Victoria Buildings
Alterations to shopfront of listed building (15 July 2013) 13/00358/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"KI Nails & Beauty",
13A Westgate Buildings
Repainted frontage and new fascia signage (16 September 2017) 17/00550/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
"iRepair Centre",
12A Westgate Street
Refused retrospective application, thus Unauthorised fascia & signage (18 July 2013) 13/00374/LBWORK
Superseded by
(Already extant)
Awaiting Investigation
"Luxury Nails & Beauty",
25 Westgate Street
Unacceptable fascia & signage, bus stop sign, window vinyls and A-Boards (3 September 2017) 17/00507/LBWORK Awaiting Investigation
1 York Buildings, George Street
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
"Cake Cafe",
3 York Buildings, George Street
Unauthorised additions to shopfront in an inappropriate colour scheme (15 November 2016) 16/00683/LBWORK The business has been instructed to apply for permission for the signage. Awaiting further information
"Pink Art",
9A York Street
Unauthorised sign and illumination (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No
10 York Street
Unauthorised signage (16 March 2014)   Awaiting Case No

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Enforcements Completed

Location Reason Case No Outcome
"Pasty Presto",
7 Abbey Churchyard
Unauthorised new signage (5 August 2013) 13/00418/LBWORK 10 February 2014: Signage on building acceptable, but the advertising barriers have no consent.  Following a threat of formal enforcement action the barriers were removed from the premises on Friday 7th February 2014.
3 Argyle Street
Unauthorised repainting and signage (7 September 2017) 17/00515/ADVERT 13 March 2018: Although no Listed Building application was raised, the Conservation Officer confirms the changes are appropriate and they would have supported an application, so it was agreed that it would not be expedient to enforce this.
15 Argyle Street
Unauthorised signage, menu board, barriers, carpet & menu stand (16 July 2017) 17/00424/UNAUTH (Pavement Additions). Enforcement has come to an arrangement that only those items which do not require planning permission can remain on the pavement.
The associated case of the unauthorised signage on the listed building remains current.
"MediKas MediSpa",
23 Broad Street
Unauthorised signage (5 August 2013) 13/00417/LBWORK 14 August 2014: The complaint was in respect of the unauthorised advertisement fascia that was attached to the listed building without consent.  A retrospective application was submitted and recommended for refusal.  The fascia has since been removed and will not be replaced without first gaining consent.  The original window fascia remains on the building with the lettering in place.  I am of the opinion that this is not considered significantly harmful to the character of the listed building to enforce its removal.  As a result, I do not propose to pursue the matter any further.
"Green Park Natural Health Clinic",
18b Charles Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00173/LBWORK 16 May 2014: I have attended the property and noted the installation of company name and name plates.  Whilst the installation of these requires listed building consent, the Local Planning Authority does not consider the installation expedient to enforce and therefore do not propose to pursue the matter further.
"Concept Interior",
21 Charles Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00160/LBWORK 14 August 2014: The signs at this address have been approved (14/01279/LBA, 14/01453/AR, 14/01437/LBA). The breach is now resolved and the enforcement case will now be closed.
20 The Corridor
Unauthorised signage (28 August 2013) 14/00088/LBWORK 28 February 2014: I visited the above property earlier this week.  It would appear that the adverts that were subject of your complaint have been removed prior to my visit.  The Corridor appears to have adopted a uniform design to the shop fronts which has been implemented throughout most of the shops.  The breach as reported by you is no longer evident.
Case closed.
"Brunel Square",
Dorchester Street

Dorchester Street (2)
Unauthorised removal of listed K6 Telephone Boxes (19 May 2016)

Repainting of listed phone box (Newark Street), separation of listed phone boxes (Newark Street, Brunel Square, Philip Street & St Lawrence Street) (22 March 2017)
17/00289/LBWORK 6 August 2017: Enforcement have replied that Historic England have considered the telephone boxes in their current locations do not justify their listing entry and that they will be recommending that they are delisted.
For reasons explained in our front page entry dated 6 August 2017 we believe it is a wrong decision.
Case closed.
"The Guild",
Guildhall, High Street
Unauthorised inappropriate signage (28 January 2014) 14/00074/LBWORK 12 February 2014: The signage was discussed with a Conservation Officer prior to installation.  As this was a replacement plaque, the works fell below the scope of requiring listed building consent.  In addition, the sign benefits from deemed consent under Schedule 3, Part 1, Section 2B of the advertisement regulations.
Case closed.
"Former Labour Exchange",
1-3 James Street West
Unauthorised work and Non-compliance with condition (31 July 2015) 15/00455/LBWORK
Wrongly numbered
10 September 2015: The breach of planning controls is temporary because they are precursor to a development of the site, and on completion of the development the works which are the subject of this complaint will be removed.  Case closed, but if the offence persists after the works are completed it can be reopened.
44 Lower Bristol Road
Non-compliance with conditions (31 January 2017) 17/00051/NONCOM 13 February 2017. The building was removed to allow for ground investigation works for contamination and drainage. Such investigation works do not constitute the commencement of development. No further development will take place until the relevant conditions are discharged.
Case Closed.
"Pizza Hut",
86 Lower Bristol Road
Unauthorised advertisement (18 February 2014) 14/00156/LBWORK 17 March 2014: The banner and sign board have now been removed from outside Pizza Hut on the Lower Bristol Road.  The breach has therefore been resolved and the case will now be closed.
"Sam's Kitchen",
25 Milsom Place
Unauthorised signage, drapes & possible stonework damage (5 August 2013) 13/00414/LBWORK 4 March 2014: I attended today and the premises are free from the adverts and signs which are subject to your complaint. I can only assume they were temporary adverts, removed prior to our visit.
No further action required.
"Milsom Place Entrance",
Milsom Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00150/LBWORK 4 March 2014: I attended today and the premises are free from the adverts and signs which are subject to your complaint. I can only assume they were temporary adverts, removed prior to our visit.  I inspected the stonework on Octagon Hall and could not identify any damage to the fabric of the building which would require further action.
Case closed.
"Co-operative Bank",
30 Milsom Street
Unauthorised signage (5 February 2014) 14/00155/LBWORK 10 April 2014: "The Co-Operative Bank fascia sign has now been amended in line with the relevant consent.  The breach of planning control is now resolved and the enforcement case closed."
"Abbey Hotel",
1 North Parade
Unauthorised fixed banners (28 August 2013) 14/00083/LBWORK 28 February 2014: The hotel was asked to remove the adverts within 14 days.  I have today seen that the adverts and poles have been removed from the building.
Case closed.
"Jars Meze",
6 Northumberland Place
Unauthorised signs and awning to listed building (26 August 2017) 14/00498/LBWORK 18 July 2018: Not expedient to enforce.  The repainted colour is less bright and strident then the previous colour and does not adversely affect the building's character or appearance.
No consent or planning permission was obtained for the canopy and therefore it is unauthorised. A number of units on Northumberland passage have canopies and old photographs show a history of shop canopies in the street, and the conservation team considers that in this case it would not expedient to take formal enforcement action.
Case closed.
"Pulteney Kitchen",
7 Pulteney Bridge
Frontage repainted an unacceptable bright blue colour & new signage (16 July 2017) 17/00423/ADVERT  This should be LBWORK 10 August 2017: Will not be pursued. Conservation Officers advise that if the colour change had been applied for, it would have been consented.
Case closed.
"Bridge Coffee Shop",
17 Pulteney Bridge
Unauthorised & inappropriate signage, A-Boards & table & chairs (16 July 2017) 17/00422/UNAUTH (Tables and chairs)
17/00421/ADVERT (Signs)  This should be LBWORK.
13 March 2018: Pavement clutter was removed immediately after we reported it.
Plastic signage has been replaced by painted wooden signage. Materials and colour are acceptable and are considered like for like replacements so no Listed Building application is necessary.
"The King William",
36 Thomas Street
Unauthorised work to a listed building (16 September 2020) 20/00429/LBWORK 15 September 2020  I inspected the windows installed in the property, there is a window on the first floor that appears to be installed some time ago that swings out into the street.  It would appear work was completed without consent by a past occupier.  I will be bringing up this issue with the owners and occupiers of the property.
At the time of my visit no recent work had been undertaken to the windows of the building or windows that would have required consent and this case will be closed.
"Ganesha Handicrafts",
20 Union Passage
Unauthorised sign and fascia (16 March 2014)   No Case No. provided. No longer in business so this Case dies.
"Out 2 Lunch",
4 Victoria Buildings
Unauthorised Signage (18 July 2013) 13/00376/LBWORK 3 March 2015:  Listed building consent was granted for amendments to the signage and shopfront (14/03526/AR & 14/03426/LBA) and the breach of planning control was resolved by those decisions. Case closed.
66 Walcot Street
Unauthorised repainting of exterior, signage & possible change of use (18 July 2013) 13/00378/LBWORK Owner advised to raise Listed Building application.
Case closed
"The Stable",
1-3 Westgate Buildings
More than permitted number of tables outside (23 August 2018) No Case Number given.
E-mail reply instead.
23 August 2018: E-mail reply (see link in previous column) explaining why it is not expedient to enforce.
16 Westgate Street
Unauthorised new fascia, metal sign & repainting shopfront (16 September 2017) 17/00545/ADVERT 5 June 2018: Enforcement reported that with the granting of Advertising Consent 17/06207/AR they will be closing their case file.
The approved advertising was installed after the parallel 17/06245/LBA was appoved on 15 January 2019.
25 Westgate Street
Unauthorised signage and Change of use (15 July 2013) 13/00359/LBWORK 16 April 2014: Whilst dealing with the tenant of the building to remove the advert, he has since left the tenancy and the building is vacant.  I have therefore passed the matter to the Councils Property Services Team to ensure the advert is removed as the building is back within their control.

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