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Corn street.

Corn street is on Map 2c. Corn street is named on the map. Corn street runs between Southgate Street and Avon Street.

According to the street directories, the west end of Corn Street, between Peter Street and Avon Street, is named New Corn Street. However, this name does not appear in the City Engineer's report. Similarly, Corn Street Place does not appear in the City Engineer's report, although it is in the street directory.

Number  Name Type Damage Level Surveyor's Comments
  Membery Ltd Warehouse & Store Broken Windows According to the street directory, Membery Ltd was on the corner of Corn Street and Southgate Street and its postal address was 40 Southgate Street. The City Engineer has shown the company in Corn Street (where the warehouse was located) with just a store in Southgate Street.
10-13 J B Bowler & Sons Mineral Water Factory & Engineering Works Minor general damage The City Engineer shows this company occupying this range of addresses. However, according to the street directory, the address of the Engineering Works was 12-13 Corn Street and the Mineral Water Factory had a postal address of 1-2 Corn Street Place, which was just a differently named part of Corn Street located where numbers 10-11 would have been.
14   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
15   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
16   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
17   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
18   Dwelling House Minor general damage  
  Mission Church C of E Church Minor general damage  

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