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Beechen View.

Beechen View is probably on Map 2c. Beechen View is listed in the City Engineer's report as a group of offices along the Lower Bristol Road but I have been unable to confirm such an address in the street directories of the time, so I cannot identify for certain where on the Lower Bristol Road these offices used to be.
My best guess is that they might have been near Hopmead Buildings, just west of Midland Road on the North side of the road, giving a view of Beechen Cliff behind the beginning of Dorset Street. In this area was a group of offices occupied by Anglo-American Oil, Shell-Mex & BP, and others, shown in street directories as being in Lower Bristol Road.
From a viewpoint in front of the modern office block where the end of Hopmead Buildings used to be, Beechen Cliff is still visible today, behind that part of Dorset Street that has been renamed Dorset Close. I would like to have positive information about "Beechen View" in spite of its absence from any pre-war directory, so if anybody has any definite information I would be glad to receive it.
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Number  Name Type Damage Level Surveyor's Comments
1   Offices Minor general damage  
2   Offices Minor general damage  
3   Offices Minor general damage  
4   Offices Minor general damage  

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