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Adults' Memories

There are fewer memories by those who were adults at the time of the Bath Blitz because many of the survivors of 1942 had died of old age by the time when this material was being collected. Those who did survive and provided their memories seemed to remember completely accurately, without the odd inaccuracies that some of the younger contributors have.

Comments have also been added where they would add some context to the stories.

In this section are the following stories.

Bob's first and second stories

Bob Millard was originally a member of the Home Guard, but was recruited into the Auxiliary Units. On that page he describes his recruitment and training. And on another page he describes the Blitz Weekend. Some of the references in the second page are easier to understand if you read them in that order.

Canon Kelly's story  New

Canon Kelly was fire watching at St John's Church when it was bombed.

Dr Marle's story

Dr Marle was a GP in Bath, making his way home through the bombing.

Joan's story

Light-hearted memories from a civil servant in the Admiralty.

Peggy's story

Peggy answered our appeal for stories of the Julian Road area for the 2008 service, and what happened to her was read out as one of the memories at that service.

Ruth's story

Memories of a wife and mother, whose husband was serving in the RAF when their home was bombed.

Wally's story

Wally Trout was a serving soldier, taking a day's leave in Bath.

William's story

William Peschel was a professional firefighter, on duty.


Swindon's story  New

Swindon's Number 6 Rescue Party was sent to Bath to assist after the third attack. One of the party wrote an account of the events, which is reproduced in full.


Willi's story

Willi Schludecker was a Luftwaffe bomber pilot, who took part in two of the three raids on Bath. On 25th April 2008, he visited Bath to apologise, and told his story.


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