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Miss Witcombe Remembers Second Avenue

Reproduced from the Bath Chronicle, September 9th 2002.

To see pictures of 37 to 43 Second Avenue, click on the image or click here

"Numbers 13 to 16 were so badly damaged," says Miss O Witcombe, a resident of Second Avenue at the time of the bombing, "they had to be demolished, and were rebuilt in 1945. Our house was one of these. The bomb fell in the middle of the road and as the houses 37 to 43 were slightly higher, they took the full blast."

Miss Witcombe remembers the bombing well, though she was fortunately not there when the worst of the destruction hit.

"On the Saturday night, our house was badly damaged."

"We didn't have an air raid shelter, but we had a stout table in the living room, so there were four adults and a dog all sheltering under the table. Plaster from the ceiling fell everywhere and our covered yard in the back collapsed, so my father took us to stay in Peasedown with a friend of his."

"When Dad returned to the house the next day, he found it demolished down to the foundations."

"Although it was badly damaged and all the walls were down, we could still walk into our house, you see, while the houses opposite were completely demolished."


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