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The Service At The Bath Blitz Memorial, 24th April 2005


Crowd scene

Meeting up.

The ceremony was arranged for 3 pm at the memorial.

The aim of the ceremony was to allow all generations to remember those who died.
This picture of part of the group of participants shows that all age groups were represented.

Opening Address

Welcome and Introduction, by John Penny.

The theme of John's introduction was remembrance. 417 people were killed in Bath, and 404 of them died between April 25th and April 27th 1942.

Each life cut short represented a personal tragedy to friends and families. The shattering effects are in many cases still being felt over sixty years later.

It would be comforting to think that the victims will never be forgotten. This annual ceremony will act as a reminder to future generations of the terrible price that was paid for the freedom that all of us take so much for granted.



The reading

The Reading, by Kay Barrett.

Over half a century gone by
And all you'd set your heart on, dead.
Those longings, which burnt so fierce and deep
Grew to intensity severe.
Fate stole the things you held most dear
Until at last, of all bereft,
You and a memory are left.
You were our North
         our South
         our East
         our West.



The Blessings, by Edgar Evans.

After a prayer of remembrance, and the wish for God's peace and mercy, Edgar Evans invited all assembled to join him in the Lord's Prayer

Then followed a period of quiet contemplation.


Laying the wreath

Laying the Wreath, by Matthew Burden.

Matthew laid the wreath in memory of his Great Grandfather, Edward Leonard Burden.

(The Burden family had lived in Percy Terrace, near Victoria Bridge. Edward died, but his son Leonard, Matthew's Grandfather, survived.)

Musical tribute

The Musical Tribute, by Leonard and Diana Burden.

After Matthew laid the wreath, his Grandfather Leonard, and his Grandmother Diana, brought the ceremony to an end by playing "Amazing Grace".

The wreath

The Wreath, donated by Morrison's Supermarket.

Many thanks to Morrison's of London Road for their kind donation.


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