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How You Can Help

The Project would welcome any help you can give in the following areas:

If you have any photographs of bomb damage or post-war repairs in progress that you are prepared to have scanned and included on the website, please let us know by following this link.  That address can pass scanned images.  Alternatively you can request a postal address to send pictures to.  We will return them to you after scanning.
Geographical Details.
A lot of work has gone into establishing as precisely as possible the bombs that fell and the location details. If you can identify any omitted, particularly Unexploded Bombs (where the war time records are not so complete), please use this link to send your information to us.
On some pages this web site includes a Graphic showing HELP sign. This identifies areas where information currently available is contradictory or incomplete. If you click on the sign where it appears, it will lead to a full description of the problem. If you can provide any information to help resolve the problem, please use this link to mail the information to us. Many thanks to those who have helped so far.
Your Memories.

If you are using a dial-up connection where you are charged for the time connected, you might find it easier to use NOTEPAD or a similar text editing utility to prepare your memory, before connecting to the internet. Once you are connected to the internet, you can then display the page where you can submit your memories, copy from NOTEPAD and paste into the box provided. That way, the time you spend typing does not affect your phone bill.

If you were in Bath at the time of the blitz, or know the story told to you by a friend or relative who was, we would like to record the memories for posterity. You can read the memories provided so far by using the Guest Book button at the top of the page. You can submit memories by sending them to this link.
  • By sending them electronically so that they can be added to the Guest Book page.

  • By recording it onto a cassette tape to be lodged in the "Oral History" collection of the Museum of Bath At Work. Start the recording by giving your name, how old you were at the time, and where you were. Then give what you remember in your own words.

    Tapes should be posted to:

              Stuart Burroughs
              Bath At Work Museum
              Camden Works
              Julian Road
              Bath, BA1 2RH

    If you send in a tape, please mark it Bath Blitz Oral History

The museum is a long way off and the Project has no storage space until a museum building is established. But if you have any wartime memorabilia which you would consider lending or donating to a museum when it is established, please give details of what it is, and how we may get in touch with you. You can do this by e-mail to this link.
Although it does not take long to assemble and dismantle the exhibition, we would really like it to have a permanent home. Can anybody offer display space in a location where the public can see it?


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