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Exhibitions And Other Public Events


This Bath Blitz Website (and the educational material) is the work of Project member
Jim Warren.
To contact him, please use this link.

One of the Project's aims is stated as:  To create an educational resource for future generations before memories fade.  This has always been interpreted in its widest sense.  The term "educational resource" has been used as a title on the material distributed to Bath schools in 2005, even though this website is also intended to be informative and educational.  Also, the Project has co-operated with a number of the authors who produced books on our Reading List page, and with 1st Take Video to prepare a video called "Bath at War".

Another of the Project's aims is stated as:  To campaign for a museum in Bath that covers the whole of the city's history.  That remains unfulfilled.  However, in anticipation of a museum being eventually set up, some preparatory work took place to put together what the Project would wish to see displayed in such a museum in a WWII section.

The Project collected a number of historical facts and personal memories and created a set of display panels for public display, with or without a small collection of wartime artefacts.

So far, the original exhibition material has been shown:

Other partial displays of exhibits have been mounted when requested, though we did not make montage pages for them. We mounted all the exhibition material in the Museum of Bath At Work (twice, the first time in April 2002 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the bombing; the second time for an extended exhibition from the end of December 2002 to the end of March 2013), in the Exhibition Area of Bath Central Library (twice though we only recorded one of them in photographs),  in the Community Hall of St Bartholomew's Church, and in support of the Help For Heroes event in the Claverton Down Community Hall.

In March 2012 we recreated the exhibition material in A1 size because the display boards we had previously borrowed from the Museum Of Bath At Work and used to mount the A0 sheets had been replaced by A1 mounting boards.  We exhibited in April 2012 in the Museum of Bath at Work, and in Bath City Farm; but the main showings of our exhibition material was at each of the Industrial Heritage Days.  When the opportunity arises, the replacement exhibition material (created early in 2012) can be quickly mounted again for public display.


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