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This website has been created by the Bath Blitz Memorial Project to provide a historical record of the bombing of Bath during the Second World War.  It aims to inform of the events of that time, and to preserve personal memories for future generations. If you have memories, photographs or information that is not already on this website, please visit the Help Us page.

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What's New

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20th January 2017 Update
This update covers the Memorial Service on Sunday 24th April 2016.
John Hauselman took part in place of Edgar Evans who was too ill to attend.  Edgar died on Boxing Day 2016 and we attended his funeral to offer thanks for his life.
We have confirmed the date of the 2017 service as 23rd April 2017.  This will be the 75th anniversary of the Bath Blitz and we are hoping for a good attendance.
During 2016 we were informed that the hosting service we used for this website discontinued the facility and we had to redesign pages for alternative facilities.  Some pages now look or function differently, but as far as possible we have retained the familiar character.
19th March 2016 Update
This update covers the Memorial Service on Sunday 26th April 2015.
We have confirmed the date of the 2016 service as 24th April 2016.
24th April 2015 Update
This update covers the Memorial Service on Sunday 27th April 2014.
The Chronicle didn't print our press release, so here is a reminder that the 2015 Service will be at 3pm on 26 April at the memorial.




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