Churchill House

also known as the old electricity board building, Dorchester Street, Southgate, Bath

The people of Bath's (unsuccessful) campaign to save this wonderful early C20th neo-classical building from demolition.

Churchill House, Dorchester Street, Bath.

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Our campaign had the backing of the major national preservation societies and other architectural experts who hold this building in very high regard as an excellent example of early 20th century architecture as well as a vital part of the texture of this heritage city.  One of the leading lights in the campaign was Charlie Ware, who died on 4 July 2015.  In his memory, we have added an Obituary page.

The building was of superb quality with beautiful Bath Stone facades, beautifully proportioned classical detailing and also showing art deco influence of the period. It was an important landmark and defining structure for the city. The style of the building was a magnificent blend of the Classical and Art Deco idioms. It was a true credit to its own era and as such is an important asset to the architecture of Bath. It stood out as a magnificent example of a public building from the interwar period.

Whilst was support for the improvements to the rest of Southgate to be carried out under the proposed scheme, many were extremely unhappy about the proposed demolition of this very important part of Bath's architectural heritage. It was not only the destruction of a fine piece of architecture but an act which totally contradicted the principles of sustainability. Our local council likes to advertise their commitment to the sustainability ethos as one of their principle objectives; but here when they had their chance to prove it, they let Bath down!